ARC Lighting Systems Inc. offers precision optics in quality lighting fixtures to put light where you need it. Why use lighting fixtures that use high wattages to flood the area with light when you can use lower wattages in precise beams to create a dramatic effect. Our philosophy is to produce quality lighting fixtures with precise optics that are environmentally sound.

In our mind, therefore, we feel that controlled accent lighting is in fact the art of producing responsible lighting fixture designs. Designs that create interest without impacting the environment negatively by using up gobs of energy or creating distracting glare.

Today, too many projects exist where electrical energy is wasted and the spill and glare light generated from lamps is offensive. We find the misapplication of light to be unacceptable with today’s lamp sources and our superior reflectors.

In creating lighting fixtures that address both the utility aspect of lighting ( signs, facades, steeples, bridges, etc.), as well as, the artistic aspect of creating a special effect for a building or object we take the application of light seriously.

By using our precise beam lighting fixtures you can create that special effect or solve that unique problem by either using our long throw spotlights, our uniform output floodlights, or our distinct site lights. If light needs to be applied in a responsible manner we have the lighting products to get the job done.

You can say that “Controlled Accent Lighting” is the art of using light in a responsible and environmentally friendly way. Give us a call on how we can help in your next project to solve that unique problem or create that dramatic effect.

“Quality Not Quantity”