Many lighting manufacturers today actually believe that their product is that of selling lighting fixtures. At ARC Lighting servicesSystems Inc. we know what our product is; creating great installations that solve difficult challenges. Whether the objective is to create a mood, draw attention to an object, or to provide the security of a lighted area we want your project to be phenomenal. Phenomenal yes, but without creating distractions.

Distractions created by the improper placement or application of lighting fixtures leads to excess energy usage, objectionable glare, unsafe areas, or a lost opportunity to draw attention to a significant object. We want to help you apply light in a responsible manner and offer our in house assistance to insure applications with our products meet or exceed your expectations.

Our free in house design assistance is here to help you select the proper lighting fixture to solve the task at hand without creating excess energy usage, objectionable glare, or light pollution. Our job, therefore, is to help you manage light and our experienced and knowledgeable staff can perform where others just meet the spec.

To help you meet with some of the difficult challenges of today our custom fixture department is always available to create that special fixture. For over 23 years we have created many custom designs to suit the needs of the project and our professional team is here to help you create that special twist to make your projects sizzle.

Whether you need our application or design assistance we stand ready to meet the challenge. Our pledge to you is to exceed your expectations which will allow us to continue on our quest to illuminate the world.